Concert tour June 22 – July 4th 2017

Thursday June 22nd @7:45pm
at the Home of Dov & Juby Chernovitz
977 East 17th St., between avenues I & J

Motzei Shabbos June 24th @11pm
Lakewood at the home of Dr & MRs Rothkopf
in honor and memory of Sarah bas Eliezer
34 Carenetta Dr
call: 732-905-2528

Tuesday June 27th @8pm
Ohr Yitzchok Brooklyn
1214 East 15th street

motzei Shabbos July 1st @10pm
Buffalo, NY
500 Starin ave

Sunday July 2nd @12 noon
BBQ in Chautauqua NY
Miller Bell Tower Park
contact: Rabbi Vilenkin

Sunday July 2nd @ 5pm
Buffalo (Williamsville) NY
757 Hopkins Rd
contact Rabbi Labkovski 716-908-7475

Monday July 3rd @7pm
Rockaway NJ
One Torah Way
contact: Rabbi Mordechai Baumgarten

Tuesday July 4th @1pm
Scranton (Moosic) PA
235 Montage Mountain Rd
call: 570-587-3300

Tuesday July 4th @5:30pm
Harrisburg PA
2500 North St.
contact Rabbi Friedman 717-238-0763



SimplyTsfat Summer 2017
USA concert tour
June 22nd – July 4th
Harrisburg PA
Scranton PA
Rockaway NJ
Now scheduling Labor Day weekend USA concerts
Now scheduling Fall 2017 concerts

We are three breslev chassidim, 2 americans and one israeli, 2 guitars and one violin.

Our aim is to spread the joy and inspiration of Breslev chassidim and to bring a breath of fresh air to you, from our home, the mystical city of Tsfat, the home of the kabala.

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